Seal Occlusion on Invoice (Electronic Documents)

by Nguyễn Hoàng Thiên Thư and Wu Cheng-Fu

Feb. 10, 2023

Why Coined It "Seal Occulsion"?

I mean, why not "stamp occlusion"?

Because, when you image search for "stamp", you get this:

However, when you image search for "seal", you get this:

Just Kidding

The naming is just personal preference.

Maybe also a mild desire to avoid collision with the object that we stick onto our envelopes.


One of the most important piece of information, issuer_name, is often occluded or screened by seals.


Sometimes LINE CLOVA OCR, the OCR engine currently used, could detect texts occluded by seals, but sometimes not, resulting in unacceptable accuracy by our clients.

What This Sharing Is Not

  • Showcase OCR team's muscle
  • Teach the whole lab computer vision

What This Sharing Is

  • Kick start sharing on big/small issues encountered in different projects
  • Ensemble Method: The whole lab's intelligence

What Types of Electronic Documents Are We Talking About?

So far we have been dealing with

  1. PDF
    • Scanned PDF (majority)
    • "Real" PDF (minority)
  2. PNG

What Kinds of Seals Do We Have?

  1. Red seal
  2. Black seal
  3. No seal
  1. Red seal
  2. Black seal
  3. No seal
  1. Red seal
  2. Black seal
  3. No seal
  1. Red seal
  2. Black seal
  3. No seal

A Piece of Cake!

Or, is it?

Zoom in


The (Failed) Approach

  1. Capture a mask of only red pixels
  2. Replace the red pixels by some neighboring white color

Morphological Transformations



sự giãn nở



xói mòn

A More Promising Approach

Red channel


  • Each color image has RGB format (red, green, blue)
  • We keep only red channel to remove red seal
(change image from 3d into 1d image)


  • Not only red color but also other color is changed

Detect and replace only red region


  • Define range of color and a mask of image
  • Replace those range by behavior of red color


  • In some cases, not only red seal is red, but also other crucial parts (issuer name, cell in table ,…) is in red

Define which image should remove seal


  • Seal only occupies small area in whole image
  • Image has too many red pixcel $\implies$ Don’t remove seal


  • Still cannot detect the seal position

RGB or Red-Green-Blue

How come taking the red channel and suddenly the seal's disappeared?

WYSIWYG Visualization

Original RGB Image

Processed Visualization


How to obtain the red image above?

  1. (red, red, red)
  2. (red, black, black)
  3. (red, white, white)



Future Directions



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